2021 China Nuts and Roasted Seeds Exhibition

The 15th China Nuts and Roasted Seeds Exhibition was held in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 16 to 18, 2021.

For the first time, this exhibition made available facilitation to conduct online showing as well the usual physical booth display

The exhibition area, exhibit categories, number of participants, negotiated transactions, and influence of offline exhibitions all reached record highs. The area of this exhibition has been expanded to 53,000 square meters, with four major exhibition halls and ten exhibition areas. Nearly a thousand companies in the nut roasting industry from 21 provinces and cities and nearly ten foreign countries from planting, raw materials, processing, equipment, additives and other enterprises. Nearly 10,000 categories were exhibited. After 15 years of cultivation, this year's exhibition has become one of the largest exhibitions in the nut roasting industry.


Handyware Zengcheng was at the main exhibition hall, with an exhibition area of 150 square meters. This year, it cooperated with its brother company, Handyware Engineering, to participate in this event. These are the product highlights;

01 Walnuts



The walnut kernel products on the market are basically walnut kernels with skins, such as amber walnut kernels, honey walnut kernels, coconut walnut kernels etc. Although the products are delicious, they have the bitterness of the skin, which affects the overall taste. Base on the feedback from the market, the application engineers of Handware ZC improved the production process and seasoning, and the end results were a variety of innovative and unique peeled walnut kernels products. 


Popular products

The popular products have been unanimously recognized by customers, and there is an endless stream of on-site customers, who are very interested in the nut products with our seasonings.




02 Diversed application products

 In this exhibition, the Handyware ZC has exhibited a wide range of popular nut product such as black duck flavored walnut kernels, cherry blossom flavored macadamia nuts, durian flavored cashew nuts, Yunnan steam pot chicken flavored melon seeds, and cheese flavors. Pumpkin seeds, Liuzhou snail powder-flavored green beans, rose-flavored almonds, yogurt-flavored almonds, beef-flavored orchid beans, etc. At our booth, there are only flavors you can't think of, no flavors that we can't do. At the same time, we also brought leisure puffing, biscuits, leisure wet and spicy and other application products to enrich our product categories.

03 Handyware Engineering

The automatic coating machine of Handyware Engineering changes the traditional method of manual flour coating and realizes the automatic coating. It only needs to set the initial parameters and coating can be performed consistently. The automatic production makes the final product shape and size uniform and beautiful, improves the product quality and reduces the labor costs, thereby saving long-term production costs. It is suitable for coating peanuts, sunflower seeds, green beans and broad beans. It has attracted new and old customers from all over the country, as well as customers from Middle East countries 


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