2023 Handyware Thanksgiving Dinner

2023 Handyware Thanksgiving Dinner
    -- 30 years of hard work and dedication, Handyware is grateful to have you

After three long years of waiting due to pandemic challenges, Handyware Group Board of Directors are finally able to gather at the headquarters in Guangzhou to hold a dinner with Handyware employees. A grand dinner party was organized with the theme "A journey with you, thank you” The dinner was grand and meaningful. After 30 years together, Handyware is deeply grateful for the unwavering dedication of all employees.

Messages from Our Founder and Directors

The dinner party started with warm applause and laughter. Our Founder and Chairman Mr. Ding Huasheng, Group General Manager Mr. Zheng Moudong and Group Directors Mr. Xu Ruide, Mr. Chen Yaqiao and Mr. Ding Tianyang gave speeches on stage one after another, expressing their heartfelt thanks and blessings to employees. 

Mr. Zheng Moudong, General Manager of the Group, summarized: "Time flies and the days and months fly by, and we have witnessed the continuous growth of Huadong over the past 30 years. Today, Handyware has 14 sister companies in China and overseas, including Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany, and the recently established Handyware Canada. We would like to thank all our employees for their dedication to the company and hope that the future of Handyware will be even stronger and bigger!"

Games and Performances 

In the big family of Handyware, we can see the meticulous side of the employees who love their work, and we can also find their talented side. Our employees took to stage and showed their talents in the form of singing and musical instrument performances. Fun and interesting games such as musical chairs, racing etc, were also arranged. Our employees actively participated, bringing about great laughter and joy.  

Mingles, Drinks and Laughter

Today's banquet is a joyful one. Colleagues mingle and drink together, the joy melts in a thousand jars, and the love is all in one cup.

Thanksgiving Gift

The company prepared beautiful thanksgiving gifts for each employee, and the lucky winner was given a special big gift by the chairman himself.

Tomorrow Will Be Better! 

The dinner came to a close with a group photo of all the staff, leaving behind this beautiful and moving moment. The final chorus sang "Tomorrow will be better", signaling a brighter future for Handyware Group!